Bachelor of Arts → Anthropology → Semester I

Introduction to Biological Anthropology (ANT-C-112)

In this course, students will be introduced to the subject matter of Biological Anthropology. This course will also help the students to understand the history and development of Physical Anthropology, its relationship to other sciences. Various areas i.e., theories and concept of human evolution & variation, race and racial classifications, Primatology, Somatometry, Somatoscopy, etc. will be dealt in this course.
  • Course Objectives/Outcomes
  • Course Objectives
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Unit 1: Human Variation and Evolutionary Thought
  • History of Evolutionary Thought_pdf
  • History of Understanding Human Variation_pdf
  • Human Variation & Evolution in Ancient Times_pdf
  • Theories of Evolution_pdf
  • The New Mutation Theory_pdf
  • Unit 2: History and Development of Physical/Biological Anthropology
  • Meaning & Nature of Biological Anthropology_pdf
  • Scope of Biological Anthropology_pdf
  • History of Physical Anthropology_pdf
  • Unit 3: Non-Human Primates and Human Evolution
  • Primatology_pdf
  • Definition of Primates_pdf
  • Characteristics of Primates_pdf
  • Classification of Primates_pdf
  • Non-human Primate behaviour_pdf
  • Comparative Anatomy_pdf
  • Primatology & Biological Anthropology_pdf
  • Unit 4: Race, Racial Classifications/Biological Categories
  • Human Biological Categories (RACE)
  • Human Biological Categories in the context of HGP_pdf
  • Practical Section
  • Somatometry & Somatoscopy_pdf
  • Somatoscopy_pdf
  • Techniques of Somatometry & Somatoscopy_pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed