Bachelor of Arts → History-Semester IV

Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh(SBC) (404)

Semester : IV

  • Course Objectives: Having studied this paper, a student will be able to:
  • a. Explain the meaning and scope of cultural tourism
  • b. Explain the history and significance historical monuments
  • c. Explain the importance of hospitality in economic tourism
  • d. Elaborate the significance of various folklores in tribal life.
  • Course Outcome
  • Sessional Test-III (Assignment)
  • Unit 0: Baseline Analysis: Importance of Tourism, Various job opportunities, Di
  • SBC- History Syllabus
  • Unit I: Meaning and scope:
  • a) Tourism and history
  • Tourism and History
  • b) Tourism as a Career
  • Tourism as a career
  • c) Different types of tourism : Eco , Adventure Tourism and Cultural Tourism
  • Different types of Tourism.pptx
  • d) Historical Monuments
  • Historical monuments
  • Unit II: Economics of Tourism:
  • a) Hospitality
  • Hospitality in Tourism.pptx
  • Communication in Tourism.pptx
  • b) Technology
  • Technology in Tourism.docx
  • d) Idea of a destination
  • Idea of Destination.pptx
  • Unit III: Ethno Tourism:
  • Ethno-Tourism
  • a) Dances and Festivals
  • Dances.pptx
  • Festivals.pptx
  • Food.pptx
  • b) Folklores
  • Traditional weapons.pptx
  • Notice Section
  • Unit IV: Project/ Field work.
  • Unit V: Presentation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed