Well-being @ Work

This course is meant for SCCZ Teachers and staff to maintain and care for their well-being. Information on handling work place related stressor and other related issues.
  • Workplace Well-being
  • Five ways to Wellbeing
  • Elements of mental health at workplace
  • Ways to improve Work efficiency and productivity
  • 10 Tips To Improve Your Well-being At Work
  • Wellbeing at Work
  • Self-Care 5d
  • What is Self-Care?
  • Practice self-care
  • myths about self-care
  • The Choice
  • A short story about Self-Criticism
  • You are not your thoughts
  • Self compassion from the Author
  • Why do we need self compassion?
  • Being kinder to yourself
  • Stressors at Work Place 11d
  • Causes of Teacher Stress
  • Symptoms of stress on your body
  • Strategies to manage workplace stress
  • Workplace stress solution
  • Stress relief tips
  • Stress Relief Tips - 7 ways to lower stress
  • Mindfulness 17d
  • What is mindfulness? from the expert
  • Everyday mindfulness
  • mindfulness exercise
  • How mindfulness empowers
  • Coping skills 21d
  • Coping for everyone
  • 25 coping skills
  • A-Z of coping strategies
  • Coping with death
  • How to deal with exam stress (for teachers)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed