Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) → Semester-III

Indian Financial System (BCM 302)

Having studied this paper, a student will be able to:
a. Understand the basic ideas and developments of Indian financial system
b. To give a brief overview of the workings of the Financial institutions
c. Understand the basic operation of financial market and capital market
d. Understand various roles and functions played by Indian financial system in economic development.

Semester : III

  • Unit- 0 Baseline Analysis
  • Syllabus
  • Course Introduction
  • Unit-I An Introduction to Financial System
  • Financial System - Meaning and Functions.
  • Components of Financial System.
  • Roles of Financial System.
  • Introduction to Financial System.
  • Components and role of financial system.
  • Structure of Indian Financial System.
  • Evolution of Indian Financial System
  • unit- ii financial markets
  • Financial Markets, Meaning, classification and Functions
  • Meaning and Classification of Financial Markets.
  • Money Market meaning, definitions and characteristics.
  • Money Market Functions and Components.
  • Capital Market-Meaning, Classifications and Functions.
  • Financial Instruments Meaning and Classifications
  • unit-iii financial institutions
  • Financial Institution- Meaning, characteristics and types.
  • Roles of Financial Institution in Financial Market.
  • Banking Institutions - Meaning, Definitions and Types
  • Functions of Banking Institutions.
  • unit-iv regulatory bodies
  • unit-v financial services
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed